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The more you learn how to stay healthy the more you will enjoy life.

The MIND & BODY Public Health video series includes current topics. At 6pm every day you can see them, commercial free, on cable TV. A new topic starts each Monday on COMCAST Channel 3 and Verizon FIOS Channel 45. Copies are also available at the South Brunswick Library.

The Public Health Story
This special feature Mind & Body program tells the story of Public Health in South Brunswick, NJ. Through clips and narration, the program presents highlights of public health accomplishments documented over the years in Mind & Body Public Health Video programs. They show the story of what the Heath Department is responsible for - from pandemics to communicable diseases, preventable personal health, environmental health, food inspections and preparing for natural disasters.

Smoking, Facelifts and Vacations
Most people generally connect smoking with lung cancer and perhaps heart disease. However, as this program demonstrates, the physical effects of smoking go far beyond these two health risks. You have to view the program to see why Vacation is in the title.

Take the Bite Out of Rabies
In semi-rural South Brunswick dogs and cats, raccoons and even rabbits can carry rabies. This program tells you how to protect your children and pets and what to do if bitten or scratched by an animal.

I Am Your Child
A must see for every new parent and grandparent. Learn how you the parent is absolutely necessary in your child's growth and development. This Rob Riener film demonstrates the importance of the first three years in the development of a child and what parents can do.

The Dark Side of the Sun
Did you know that 80% of exposure to the sun occurs before the age of 25? That’s why melanoma – the worst form of skin cancer – is the leading cause of death in young people in their late 20’s. The program tells the story of Molly, a college sophomore who discovered a mole on her thigh and died at the age of 20.

Teenagers and Alcohol
By the time they complete High School, nearly 80% of teenagers have consumed alcohol. 30% report having been drunk and 29% report having 5 or more drinks in a row at events and parties. This program raises awareness about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.

Disaster Preparedness
The program illustrates how Township residents can prepare for emergencies by being informed about and using the Townships emergency management system. The film features selected clips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency film “Preparing For Disaster - One Families Experience” It illustrates specific things that families can do to prepare to shelter-at-home for days or weeks in the event of any emergency. The film also features interviews with four Township officials responsible for the emergency management system in South Brunswick.

Every day in our schools and communities children are being teased threatened and tormented. Bullying is a problem that creates a climate of fear. This program explores the types of bullying prevention programs being implemented in schools.

The Fish Story
Most people agree that eating fish has many health benefits. However, we also constantly hear about the dangers of eating fish because of contaminated waters. This program provides insights into the fish we eat and the fish we catch.

Lead Poisoning - The Silent Epidemic
It is estimated that there are 3 million children in the United States suffering from lead poisoning and 9 million adults that have unsuitable blood lead levels. This program covers the symptoms and danger of lead poisoning in children and adults, treatment available and how to arrange for a home lead screening and analysis.

Radon - Reducing the Risk
Radon is second only to smoking as a cause of lung cancer. This program explains what you can do to protect your home against this odorless, colorless and tasteless threat to your health.

Guide to Healthy Living for African Americans
The program offers useful advice and inspirational stories from the lives of real people. such as Patti Labelle, Della Reese and Malik Yoba. It is full of practical advice and tips for African Americans of all ages.

Should I Get the Flu Shots or Not?
This is a presentation of “Undo the Flu” with an updated introduction regarding the H1N1 l flu. The Flu is preventable. Even if you do not get the vaccine, there are steps that can be taken to protect yourself. This program provides details on what to do (and not do) to keep it from spreading in the event someone does contract the Flu. It also describes how to tell the difference between the Flu and the common cold.

Vaccines: Separating Fact from Fear
Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of children. However, some parents have asked are vaccines still necessary. The program provides answers to this and other questions.

Vaccines and your Baby
This program explains why, after food and shelter, vaccines are probably the most effective means we have of protecting our babies from harm.

Parents Role in Preventing Youth Violence
The prevention of youth violence begins at the earliest age says renowned expert Dr. Victor LaCherva. He then explains and gives specific suggestions regarding early parenting and the importance of grandparents in a child’s life. Other topics explore violence in the media, guns in the home and bullying in school.

Avoiding Collisions: Parents, Teenagers and Cars
Car crashes are the #1 killer of the youth of our nation. The role of speeding; driving cars at night, curfews; seat belts and alcohol involvement in car crashes are examined. Teens and parents give their views.

Animals, Farming and the Flu
Why bird flu is watched as an early warning sign of a deadly pandemic is explained. Every year, 60 million Americans have the Flu. It is an annual annoyance to be endured by most but it kills 36,000 persons a year. But what if it turned pandemic as it did in 1918 when a quarter of all Americans caught the flu.

Public Health Leadership and Emergency Management.
The program tells the story about how a local board of health became the emergency response leader to organize and manage a response to a pandemic like event, the 2009 H1N1 Flu. It features the deployment of new web-based registration technology to alleviate long waits at vaccination sites and the transition to a year round vaccination registration program.

Shelter-in-Place: Protecting Annie
For certain emergencies the best protection is to shelter in place. This film's focus is on how to shelter in place for senior housing and independent living facilities. It was produced for LeadingAge New Jersey (formerly the New Jersey Association of Homes and Services for the Aging-NJAHSA)

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