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Mandatory Gym Equipment Training 

All Fitness Participation Forms Required to be on file to use gym or attend fitness classes. For gym use you must also attend a 15 minute training session to use the gym but not needed for class enrollment.

Training Sessions with Elizabeth     

Monday July 15th            - 11:30 - 1:30

Monday August 5th          - 10:00-noon  

Monday August 19th        - 11:30-1:30

Monday September 9th    - 10:00-noon 

Monday September 23     - 11:30 - 1:30  

15 minute session. Arrive 30 min prior to end of session at the latest.  Wear sneakers.  All medicals must be turned in prior to training.



 ***Class Schedule ***

Sign up 2 weeks prior to class start.

Fees non refundable.

All classes 8 weeks unless stated otherwise.

No joining after session starts & medical records must be on file before enrollment.

Ageless Grace   Tuesdays 12:30 - 1:15

September 10th – October 29th    6 weeks  $18

Brain-based anti-aging exercises use creativity/imagination, memory/recall and analytical thinking. Program done in a chair. Exercise your mind and body! Great for joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain coordination, balance, confidence!

Aerobics with Maryanne

- Ongoing Monday & Friday  

 9:15 - Advanced Fitness

10:15 - Beginner Fitness

11:15 - Sittersize 

Fitness card required - 15 classes for $20.00 or 30 classes for $40.00

B.E.S.T. (Balancing Exercises Stretching and Toning) with Elizabeth – 

Mondays @1:45pm 

September 9th – October 28th  6 weeks $24

Balancing, stretching, and toning will enhance flexibility and endurance. Sitting in a chair.

Cardio & Interval training that tones & burns calories. Class will be held Mondays 12:30

September 16th – December 9th  

10 weeks $16   Intro Price. Cardio & Interval training that tones & burns calories. Come try this great new class!


Chair Yoga with Joanne – 

Tuesdays @ 10:30am     

September 10th – October 29th  6 weeks  $21 


Get Fit with Elizabeth – 

Thursdays @ 1:45pm   

September 12th – October 24th    7weeks $28

Pilates with Maryanne – 

Tuesdays @ 9:15am    

August 27th – October 22nd   7 weeks $28 

 Bring your own ball.


Thursdays 12:30pm   

September 12th – October 24th   7 weeks $20


Cardio/Strengthening with simulated drumming using provided ripsticks. Fun, high energy & exhilarating. 

Sculpting with Weights  

Wednesdays@ 12:30 pm  

September 11th – October 30th   7 weeks $25

Tai Chi

Thursdays @ 9:15am   

September 12th – October  24th  7 weeks $30


Tap Dance

Tuesdays @ 1:30pm

Bring Tap Shoes!  

September 10 – October 29th    6 wks $24

Yoga Class

Thursdays @ 10:30am 

September 12th – October  24th     7 weeks $28


Fridays @ 12:15

September 13th - October 25th     7 weeks $22

Zumba with Fran – Fridays @ 1:15pm

September 13th – October 25th 7 weeks $26

Senior Center Classes

Art ClassMondays 1:00pm -3:00pm

October 21 - December 16     8 weeks    $48

 Artists at all levels are welcomed. Students learn to utilize a variety of materials, techniques, and concepts essential to understanding the visual arts and the role of the artist.  

Bring your own supplies.


Crystals, Chakras and More- Mondays, Sept. 16th – Nov. 25th 10:30am 7wks.

Learn how crystals synchronize with the seven chakras for self-healing and clearing of energy fields. Sign up.


Device Doctor- Thursdays, 10:45am – 12:00pm Join Randy & Barbara from the library, learn some new tricks to “Friend Your Phone.”

Sept. 5th & 19th - Google Calendar, Google Maps & Waze

Sept. 12th & 26th - Skype, Snapchat & Google Photos


Mahjongg Lessons with Gail

Tuesdays at 10:00 am 

Mahjong is a cognitive game. Researchers in Hong Kong say that mahjong is a viable treatment for dementia, according to the Tech Archive website. Mahjong requires players to use attention, memory, planning and calculation skills. Must register in the office.

Bridge Lessons with Lynn

Mondays at 10:30 am beginners in Aud 2 

Your brain needs to be used to keep it functioning well. People are living longer and many people are concerned about helping their brains to stay active and alert so they can enjoy this longer life to the full.

Playing bridge regularly stimulates your brain and helps keep your memory active and your brain alert. Sign up in the office.

Spanish class:  

Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. Join at any time. Free.

Thursdays 1:15pm. Join at any time. Free.

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