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  • Municipal offices will be closing at 12:00 P.M. today Friday may 27th, 2022. Municipal Offices will Reopen on Tuesday May 31, 2022 +

  • Memorial Day Services - Monday May 30th - 10AM VFW Post 9111 Henderson Road 11AM American Legion Major Road +

  • Memorial Day Message from Mayor Carley +

    In purpose, Memorial Day is not a uniquely American holiday. Many nations have their own days of remembrance. To remember is to be human – it is almost always expressed through language in the reflective; “memoro,” “mi ricordo,” “je me souviens,” “ ’atadhakar,” “mujhe yaad hai.” I remember. Language reflects our deep understanding that, without our witness to sacrifice, the meaning of that sacrifice fades. Our memory assures that their sacrifice endures in glory. Their sacrifice is the price paid for our freedom and our way of life. It is a dear price paid, in blood and grief. The price paid by our war dead should be held with care and reverence. And so, we are confronted with questions on this and every Memorial Day. Among those questions: What did they fight and die for? How do I best honor their memory? Can I be a better part of this Nation to honor their sacrifice? That’s for each of us to resolve for ourselves. Thanks, Charlie
  • No Trash or Recycling Collection on Memorial Day +

  • South Brunswick Township Water Quality Report +


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  • Free COVID Testing VCARE +

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